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The TAGS files in directory ~www/html/ allow one to search or query replace all of the HTML files on the site, or a all of the HTML files for a language code LG. To do this you use the GNU Emacs functions below. These TAGS files are made by the ~www/bin/make.html.TAGS script, which is ran automatically by cron each night from the nightly script.

File TAGS.all_files is meant to contain every HTML and *.ed file on www.gnu.org. The *.ed files can contain HTML fragments, and are used in converting documents formatted in Texinfo into HTML.

File TAGS is meant to contain the HTML and *.ed files on www.gnu.org that are not automatically generated by texi2html and is the file usually used by the webmasters.

Files TAGS.LG (for example, TAGS.es) contain those HTML files *.LG.html for language code LG.

File TAGS.unknown-lang contain those files for language codes LG that are not in the variables WEBLANG or TAGSLANG at the start of the script ~www/bin/nightly-vars.

GNU Emacs Functions that use TAGS files

Inside GNU Emacs, type:
M-x tags-search RET
M-x tags-query-replace RET

Documentation on GNU Emacs Functions that use TAGS files

Consult the online GNU Emacs manual.

Or, inside GNU Emacs, type:
C-h f tags-search RET
C-h f tags-query-replace RET

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