Compact Utilities for use in ELKS

This is the home page for my re-write of some of the utilities found in the GNU file-utils and sh-utils packages for use with elks.


A rewrite of part of the GNU sh-utils package which currently includes basename, dirname, false, logname, pwd, true, uname, whoami and yes.



A rewrite of part of the GNU file-utils package which currently includes mkdir, mkfifo, mknod, rmdir and sync. Oversimple but usable versions of rm and mv are also included.



A version of sash with a config.h file which allows all the the builtin commands to be configured in or out. Now also include stand alone versions of most of the builtin commands in the stand_alone/ subdirectory. To built them, just run make in that directory.



mkfs.minix from the Util linux 1.5 package, with bad block code removed, and memory requirement cut down, and other changes made to make it run under elks.


Other Things

Here are some other things I have collected in my searches around the net which may be useful to the project.

Tiny-TCP, a public domain source code implemtation of TCP/IP, currently for ROM based 68000 systems. Very very small indeed, could perhaps be useful? Here is the README file.


Here is a version ported to the 8086 by R. Rodman. Changes made by him are (L)GPL, but the origonal license is still binding.


And here is a version released under the terms of the GPL.

ROMfs, a very small read-only fs with tools to generate images for the Linux 2 kernel. Could be useful for ROM based system. Here is the lsm entry.




86-68, a converter that translates from 8086 assembler to 68000. Might this be useful for the 68k port that everyone seems to be talking about?

term.c, a terminal program contributed by Robert de Bath.


Any enquiries should be sent to Alistair Riddoch