LCA 2003: Invitation Video

© February 2002, PLUG Inc
by James Bromberger

This short film was recorded to invite the world to attend the 2003 (LCA). LCA is the Australian national Linux conference, and is run by regional user groups with the assistence of Linux Australia.

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What is this video?

This is a light-hearted invitation. It is supposed to be funny and upbeat. It is available in a number of media formats suitable for playback on your computer using the apropriate software that you may have already.

You may use any MPEG video compatible player to view this footage. For example, under Linux the following GPL compatible viewers are available for free:

There is a non-free (as in, non GPL free) player that is openly available from Real for playing the RealVideo versions: see for more information on this.

We recommend the open, free, standards based MPEG encodings, yet support Real formats as there is a player available under Linux. Well done, Real!

There is no Quicktime support under Linux (or at least, the compressors used are not available); thus there is no Quicktime version of this movie.

Is there more information on this LCA2003 event?

There will be soon, at the URL: This document is already out of date. It was out of date the minute it was finished, because it was distributed on CD and posted to mirror sites around the world. The web site is much more authorative and up to date.

What is LCA?

LCA is a conference where developers and users congregate to listen to peers present papers and speeches on various topics; either core Linux or supporting technologies or movements. The inital national Linux conference was called CALU (Conference for Australian Linux Users), and was held in Melbourne in 1999. There was no conference in 2000. In 2001, it was hosted by the Sydney Linux User Group (SLUG), and called "", and had the associated domain name. In 2002 it was hosted by the Home Unix Machine, Brisbane User Group (HUMBUG).

In 2003, it will be held in Perth, Western Australia, by the Perth Linux User Group (PLUG).

What is PLUG?

(from the PLUG website:)

PLUG stands for Perth Linux User Group. It is an association dealing primarily with all forms and distributions of the GNU/Linux computer operating system. It is based in Perth, Western Australia, although membership is not limited to those living in the Perth metropolitian area. We have members and associates from across the world. We also welcome users of ``fellow-traveller'' operating systems: FreeBSD, OpenBSD, NetBSD and other flavours of *ix.

For more information, see

What is Linux Australia?

(from the Linux Australia Web Site:)

Linux Australia is incorporated as a non-profit association in New South Wales, Australia. The Linux Organisation of Australia was founded to cater specifically to the needs of the Australian Linux community. Australia has unique problems that confront those attempting to organise and coordinate user groups and other support mechanisms because of its high urbanisation and large geographic distances between populated areas. Linux Australia hopes to assist in bringing the disparate pockets of Linux support into a single forum by encouraging and facilitating communication between these groups.

For more information, see

What is Linux?

(from the Linux Australia web site:)

Linux is an operating system kernel that is functionally very similar to Unix. Linux supports a wide range of features, many of which are found elsewhere only on powerful operating systems. Linux has been ported to an ever increasing number of computer platforms, including but not limited to: Intel *86 (386 or greater), Digital Alpha, Sun Sparc, Commodore Amiga, Apple Macintosh, and MIPS platforms. Linux is free software. Free in that you receive all of the source code for the whole operating system and are allowed to modify it and redistribute it as you please.

Where the hell is Perth, Western Australia?

Perth is the capital city of the state of Western Australia, which, oddly enough, is the western 1/3rd of Australia. Perth is located on the coast, three quarters down the left hand side of Australia (well, it would be the left hand side if you picked Australia up and held north to the top).

Australia is in the southern hemisphere. They sometimes call it "down under". The Crocodile Hunter lives here. Kylie lived here. Tridge still does. ;)


32* 58' 52.1" South, 115* 49' 11.7" East. Give or take a few metres. (These are the coordinates for the UCC at UWA: The venue for LCA 2003 will be at The University of Western Australia:

Legal stuff they make us say:

Linux is a registered trademark of Linus Torvalds.
Linux Australia is a trademark of Linux Australia Inc.
Not all penguins can fly, but some can soar.