The tcl Feed

   src tcl
to your /etc/ipkg.conf (when still using the (slow) script version of ipkg, put the line on top to get the most recent version of the packages that are also in familiar)

The Packages

Package Version Description
tcl-dev 8.3.4-1
Development files for TCL
tcl-doc 8.3.4-1
Documentation for TCL
tcl-encoding 8.3.4-1
Encoding library for TCL
In a separate package because of its size.
tcl 8.3.4-1
The Tool Command Language (TCL),
TCL is a powerful, easy to use, interpreted scripting language.
The encoding files have been put in tcl-encoding, since they take
a lot of space and are absent in tcl 8.0.
tk-dev 8.3.4-2
Development files for TK
tk-doc 8.3.4-2
Documentation for TK
tk 8.3.4-2
The ToolKit (TK) for TCL

Build Scripts

These packages were generated by the Ruby-scripts: For example package.cfg files, these are from ruby-agenda (simple) and ruby-wise (complex, cross-compiling).