CSRG Archive CD-ROMs

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Thanks to the efforts of the volunteers of the ``PDP-11 Unix Preservation Society'' (PUPS) and the willingness of The Santa Cruz Operation to make inexpensive personal source code licenses available, it is now possible to make the full source archives of the University of California at Berkeley's Computer Systems Research Group (CSRG) available.

The archive contains four CD-ROM's with the following content:

	CD-ROM #1 - Berkeley Systems 1978 - 1986
	1bsd		2.9pucc		4.1.snap	4.2buglist
	2.10		2bsd		4.1a		4.3
	2.79		3bsd		4.1c.1		VM.snapshot.1
	2.8		4.0		4.1c.2		pascal.2.0
	2.9		4.1		4.2		pascal.2.10

	CD-ROM #2 - Berkeley Systems 1987 - 1993
	4.3reno		4.4BSD-Lite1	net.1
	4.3tahoe	VM.snapshot.2	net.2

	CD-ROM #3 - Final Berkeley Releases
	4.4		4.4BSD-Lite2

	CD-ROM #4 - Final /usr/src including SCCS files
	Contrib		admin		games		local	    sys
	Makefile	bin		include		old	    usr.bin
	README		contrib		lib		sbin	    usr.sbin
	SCCS		etc		libexec		share
The University of California at Berkeley wants you to know that these CD-ROMs contain software developed by the University of California at Berkeley and its many contributors.

To obtain or use the CSRG Archive you must be covered by either a personal ``Special Software License Agreement for Ancient Unix Source Code'' or be covered by a Unix source license by your organization. Your organization can be covered by any of the 32/V, System III, or System V source licenses. Click here for information on how to obtain a personal ``Special Software License Agreement for Ancient Unix Source Code''. If you are claiming coverage under a personal license, your license contains your assigned ``Agreement Number'' which you need to use when ordering the CSRG Archive CD-ROM set.

The CD-ROM's are produced using standard pressing technology, not using write once CD-R technology. Thus, they are expected to have a 100 year lifetime rather than the 10-20 years expected of CD-R disks. The CD's are sold only in complete sets, they are not available individually. The price for the 4-CD set is $99.00. Click here to place an order. The compilation of this archive is copyright 1998 by Marshall Kirk McKusick. You may freely redistribute it to other properly licensed people. However, I would appreciate your buying your own copy to help cover the costs that I incurred in producing the archive.