Keeping Up With GNU and the FSF

This page contains a list of resources to help you keep up to date on what is happening with the GNU Project and the Free Software Foundation.

What's New

Find out What's New in and about the GNU Project.

Take Action

Keep up on what you can do to keep software free, and promote the freedoms of speech, press, and association on the Internet.

Coming Events

Find out about Coming FSF and GNU Events.

Press Releases

Read the Press Releases from the GNU Project and the FSF.

Free Software Directory

Additions and updates are constantly made to the Free Software Directory. Check the list of recent updates often to see what's new.

Mailing Lists

There are many public mailing lists related to the GNU Project and the FSF. You can subscribe to these lists to keep up with the latest news and developments on GNU Projects/Packages and to get general information about GNU/FSF.

These are some that are good for general info:


There are several gnu.* usenet newsgroups that are good sources of information. This group is useful in keeping up with what's going on with GNU:


You can get news about GNU in spanish at GNUticias

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