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Volunteers wanted! -- We are looking for volunteers to devlop/maintain GNU website Chinese branch. If you're interested in the 'job', please contact GNU/CTT coordinator, wcai at gnu dot org.

Maintenance - WWW

  |   +-doc.html
  |   +-other-free-books.html
  |   +-education.html
  |   +-humor.html
  |   +-gnu-history.html
  |   +-linux-and-gnu.html
  |   +-gnu-user-groups.html
  |   +-agnuhead.html
  |   +-philosophicalgnu.html
  |   +-whatsgnu.html
  |   +-gethelp.html
  |   +-help.html
  |   +-manual.html
  |   +-t-shirts.html Zhang, Yuan-I
  |   +-webmeisters.html
  |   +-projects.html
  |   +-sitemap.html
  |   +-devel.html
  |   +-testimonials.html

Maintenance - Philosophy

  +-7 on-going university.html Zhang, Sundy Releasing Free Software if You Work at a University
  +-10 call4trans free-software-song.html Free Software Song
  +-12 call4trans misinterpreting-copyright.html Misinterpreting Copyright-A Series of Errors
  +-16 not-found  The Danger of Software Patents
  +-19 call4trans copyright-and-globalization.html Copyright and Globalization in the Age of Computer Networks
  +-20 call4trans rms-nyu-2001-transcript.txt Free Software: Freedom and Cooperation
  +-17 can-you-trust.html Liu, Chao-Hong Can You Trust Your Computer?
  +-drdobbs-letter.html Huang, Xuan-Long Letter to the Editor of Dr. Dobb's Journal
  +-free-world.html Lin, Villain Only the Free World Can Stand Up to Microsoft
  +-fs-translations.html Gu, Lilan Translations of the term ``free software''
  +-gnutella.html Gu, Lilan Regarding Gnutella
  +-kragen-software.html Song, Yang People, places, things and ideas
  +-linux-gnu-freedom.html Liu, Chao-Hong Linux, GNU, and freedom
  +-motivation.html Liang, Meng Studies Find Reward Often No Motivator
  +-philosophy.html Liu, Chao-Hong Philosophy of the GNU Project
  +-protecting.html Liu, Zhi-Min Help Protect the Rights to Write Both Non-Free and Free Software
  +-self-interest.html Yuan, Yi-Jun Is Self-Interest Sufficient to Organize an Free Economy?
  +-18 shouldbefree.html Wang, Xingbo Why Software Should Be Free
  +-using-gfdl.html Wang, Liqiang Using GNU FDL

  +-14 copyleft.html What is Copyleft?
  +-fsf.html Free Software Foundation
  +-byte-interview.html BYTE Interview with Richard Stallman
  +-2 manifesto.html The GNU Manifesto
  +-1 thegnuproject.html Li, Ji-Guang and Zhu, Qingjiu The GNU Project
  +-5 why-gnu-linux.html What's in a name?
  +-reliability.html Free Software is More Reliable!
  +-amazon.html Boycott Amazon!
  +-apsl.html Problems of the Apple License (APSL)
  +-bsd.html BSD License Problem
  +-categories.html Categories of Free and Non-Free Software
  +-9 free-doc.html Why Free Software Needs Free Documentation
  +-6 free-software-for-freedom.html Why ``Free Software'' is better than ``Open Source''
  +-3 free-sw.html The Free Software Definition
  +-gif.html Why there are no GIF files on GNU web pages
  +-greve-clown.en.html Speech by Georg C. F. Greve in Paderborn (Germany), 5. 12. 98 at the CLOWN.
  +-license-list.html Various Licenses and Comments about Them
  +-microsoft.html Is Microsoft the Great Satan?
  +-microsoft-antitrust.html The Microsoft Antitrust Trial and Free Software
  +-microsoft-verdict.html On the Microsoft Verdict
  +-motif.html The Motif License
  +-netscape-npl.html On the Netscape Public License
  +-nonsoftware-copyleft.html Applying Copyleft To Non-Software Information
  +-patent-reform-is-not-enough.html Patent Reform Is Not Enough
  +-plan-nine.html The Problems of the Plan 9 License
  +-15 pragmatic.html Copyleft: Pragmatic Idealism
  +-reevaluating-copyright.html Reevaluating Copyright: The Public Must Prevail
  +-11 right-to-read.html The Right to Read
  +-savingeurope.html Saving Europe from Software Patents
  +-8 selling.html Selling Free Software
  +-stallman-kth.html RMS lecture at KTH (Sweden), 30. October 1986.
  +-udi.html The Free Software Movement and UDI
  +-4 why-free.html Why Software Should Not Have Owners
  +-21 words-to-avoid.html Some Confusing or Loaded Words and Phrases that are Worth Avoiding
  +-x.html The X Window's Trap

Manuals - Sub Project

  +-TUTORIAL.cn (cvs log on savannah.)
  +-TUTORIAL.zh (cvs log on savannah.)

You may check out Emacs package CVS repository through anonymous pserver by:
>> cvs -z3 -d:pserver:anoncvs@subversions.gnu.org:/cvsroot/emacs co emacs
whenever you would like to download a whole copy of current GNU Emacs.


General Issues



Brave GNU World - Support

Former issues of Brave GNU World are now call for translations. If you are interested in translating BGW, please send email to feedback(at)gnuctt.net for coordination, with the title string included "BGW issue-in: <the issue that you would like to proceed>." Please make sure that you are familiar with the details in preparing these pages.

Visit Georg's Brave GNU World on-line magazine for more information.

Comitted Chinese translations of Brave GNU World
  +-issue-42.en.html Call for Translation
  +-issue-39.en.html Call for Translation
  +-issue-30.en.html Call for Translation
  +-issue-21.en.html Call for Translation
  +-issue-5.en.html Call for Translation
  +-issue-4.en.html Call for Translation
  +-issue-41.en.html Call for Translation
  +-issue-40.en.html Call for Translation

These issues are listed according to their priorities
(release dates and mutual dependencies.)

And there are other interesting issues of Brave GNU World (Not translated yet.)
  +-issue-33.en.html for GNU UnRTF
  +-issue-29.en.html for Education
  +-issue-28.en.html for SSH CVS-Server
  +-issue-18.en.html for Society
  +-issue-17.en.html for GNU Texinfo
  +-issue-14.en.html for GRASS GIS, GNU FDL
  +-issue-9.en.html for GNU Texinfo
  +-issue-7.en.html for gcj, GnuPG, Mailman 
  +-issue-6.en.html for GNU & Java

Please send comments and inquiries on these translations to wcai(at)gnu.org.

Scheduled List

  1. dmarti-patent.html Call for Translation
  2. frank.html Call for Translation
  3. bdk.html Call for Translation
  4. ICT-for-prosperity.html Call for Translation
  5. eldred-amicus.html Call for Translation

On-going Translation

  1. gnu-linux-faq.html Liu, Chao-Hong
  2. luispo-rms-interview.html Liang, Meng
  3. ucita.html Liang, Meng
  4. hague.html Cox, Jason
  5. press.html Wu, Ming
  6. dat.html Liang, Meng
  7. graphics.html Zhang, Bin
  8. freedom-or-copyright.html Huang, Xuan-Long
  9. basic-freedoms.html Liu, Muer
  10. gpl-american-way.html Wang, Liqiang
  11. gpl-american-dream.html Wang, Liqiang
  12. enforcing-gpl.html Wang, Liqiang
  13. freedom-or-power.html Wang, Liqiang
  14. no-word-attachments.html Wang, Liqiang
  15. gpl-faq.html Huang, Xuan-Long and Ye, Tang
  16. links.html Ni, Zhi-Qiang
  17. initial-announcement.html Zhang, Sundy
  18. software.html Bai, Royal
  19. ms-doj-tunney.html Yang, Naikuo
  20. stallman.html Pan, Yongzhi

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