Project Name: OCRP-2


OpenCores Reference Platform 2 (OCRP-2) is full-size length add-in PCI board. It includes two FPGA chips, video D/A and A/D converters, SDRAM memory, FLASH memory, PLD chip, USB, EIA232 and Ethernet PHY chips. It is designed for a debugging and verification process for several of our cores. See a block diagram for details.

One special function of this board is to provide a method for a remote test of cores. The board will be used via web based interface. It will be possible to download design to the board and use a JAVA based logic analyzer and signal generator to debug a particular core. This interface will be similar to Hewlett Packard's 16550 Logic Analyzer which is possible to be used remotely via X session.

Second possible use is to use it as a stand alone board. FPGAs are loaded via PC's printer port with centronics cable and external power supply must be provided.

It is designed to be used as a base platform to port Linux, RTEMS and eCos operating systems to OpenRISC architecture and to write device drivers for our peripheral cores.

Picture 1: Block diagaram

Current Status